New York City’s own bass-slinger!

New York City’s own bass-slinger, Jumpshot is a force to be reckoned with in the EDM/dance music scene. Jumpshot has been doing his thing since 1996 when it was Kool G Rap on 98.7 Kiss and Fat Beats was just starting to bubble. Taking notes from the heavy-hitters of the era, he began to deliver hip-hop, trip-hop, and drum & bass bangers, one after another, and proceeded to spread them through the streets well into the 21st century. Fast-forward a few years, and Jumpshot is making a tremendous impact in the EDM circuit. His first EP, released in May of 2011 on Synth City Records (The Raw Uncut EP), charted #29 on Beatport’s Top 100 tracks in the dubstep genre in its first week.

Jumpshot - The Night Shift