Collectable Cards

We are currently featuring our Series 1 Collectable Cards – Available for a limited time. Card includes a picture of one of our Stallion Girls wearing our famous “Stallion Tattoos”.

Super Stallion has a loyal following and we produce such a great energy drink, that we know collectors and fans everywhere will appreciate our collectible cards. The new collectible cards can be purchased for only $1.50.

Send self-addressed envelope with payment to:
Joseph Wold Beverage C.O.
P.O. Box 72606 Providence, RI 02907

Please indicate the number of cards you want.
Special Offer: Buy 5 for $4.00

Dedicated fans of Super Stallion will find all our Series cards featuring their favorite “Stallion Girls”. Please check back soon for additional series to come.

Super Stallion Collectable CardsSuper Stallion Collectable Cards